Can An Average Guy Get A Hot Girlfriend?

We have all seen gorgeous women, with guys that simply seem out of their league. Many wonder how this is possible. I mean what does she see in him, that is not blatantly obvious to the rest of us? Some may, simply, assume that he is loaded. This is not always the case.

Women have different criteria than men, when choosing someone to date. A woman may drool of Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio and claim that this is the type of man that she wants. This is not necessarily who she will pick, in real life.

A man that is smart or funny can win out over the guy with a million muscles. She wants someone who listens to her and can make her laugh, not lift up her Camry with one hand tied behind his back. Intelligence is also a huge plus. Women want men that they can talk to, who can contribute to a conversation. There is nothing worse than going on a date and having nothing better to talk about than the weather.

She also wants a man that focuses on her. A guy that asks her about her day is a thousand times more appealing than one who talks about himself twenty four seven. Really good looking guys can be self absorbed. This is a huge turn off.

In addition to this, she does not want someone who is better looking than her, although you would be hard pressed to get her to admit it. A man that is too good looking is one that she has to worry about. Women do not trust other women and if her guy is too handsome, she will worry that he will be stolen away.

The age of the woman is important too. A woman in her twenties may go for the jock. A woman in her thirties or older is looking for the guy that will make a good life mate and possible father. She will care more about these qualities than whether he could be the next Mr July, on some fireman’s calendar.

Confidence is also a huge key to getting a hot girlfriend. Women appreciate men who can look them in the eye. She wants the man who will listen to her and also have the guts to make decisions. There is nothing worse than a man who can’t even decide where they are going on a date. The “Where do you want to go” tennis match gets old fast.

So in answer to the question, “Can an average guy get a hot girlfriend?” the answer is absolutely. This Girlfriend Activation System review reveals an extremely effective way to turn hot women into loyal and committed girlfriends.

Make a woman laugh, actually contribute to the conversation and have the confidence to make decisions, and you will have beautiful women lining up to date you.