How To Get A Girl Emotionally Addicted To You – The Science Behind Attraction

woman emotionally addicted to a manIt may come as something of a surprise to learn that it is actually possible to get a girl emotionally addicted to you.

You may feel that you are an inferior being and that there is no chance of getting that stunning brunette that you met in a bar to fancy you, or even getting a girl that you have been going out with on a few dates to become more than a “great mate”. However, scientists have now found there are certain chemicals released by the brain that influence the way a girl feels about you.

This boils down to the basics of our existence on the planet. We have certain needs, as postulated by Abraham Maslow in 1943.  At the very basic level we need air, food, shelter, security, and the need for reproduction.

The last one is key to understanding how to get a girl emotionally addicted to you. What we look for in a mate is someone who is strong and who can ultimately survive. In order for our children to survive, they need the genes of someone who is capable of doing that, so if you are that person – in the girls’ eyes – you have a greater chance of winning her love, even though you may think yourself physically unattractive.

As a side note, you may wonder how a stunning blonde ends up with a guy who is – not to put too fine a point it – pretty ugly. Now you know.

The brain releases certain chemicals that can start the process. These are testosterone and oestrogen, which are responsible for sex drive.

Following this are dopamine, adrenalin, and serotonin, the “happy” hormone.  When the brain releases serotonin, it puts you into a state of euphoria. If you can trigger this in a girl, you are well on the way to making her want you.

Next is oxytocin, which is a chemical released during child birth.  It also helps produce breast milk and creates a strong bond between mother and child.

It follows that a girl will be attracted to someone who is physically strong and can take care of HER basic needs – food, shelter, security, and so on. (Think caveman here).

You can get the girl you want “caveman style”, but there’s a better way at

There is also another strong emotional pull toward someone who is loved and admired by other people. This is why the stunning blonde is on the arm of a man whom most other men would think is nothing to look at. It has nothing to do with looks – it’s what is going on in the brain that will trigger her basic needs to reproduce.

So in order to get a girl emotionally addicted to you, you first have to appear strong and confident. You need to carry yourself well. You have to be someone who has friends around them in the bar, the gym, or wherever you happen to be, who are not necessarily hanging on your every word, but nonetheless seem to admire you and look up to you.

It pays to cultivate your friends and to become someone whom others like to be around – whether they are male or female. In this way, when you meet that incredible girl (oh, yes, your brain is releasing those chemicals too!) she will become as addicted to you as you are to her.

This is called love. It is the most powerful thing on the planet.