How To Get Over Flirting In Front Of People So You Always Get The Girl

Does this sound like you when it comes to approaching women?

I have on more than one occasion found myself flirting with a girl without realizing the people around me are watching and can hear our conversation. It gets very embarrassing when people watch me walk up to an attractive girl only to get rejected.

Every time I’m flirting, I always wonder what to say and struggle with the possibility of being rejected. It gets worse when it actually happens in full view of those around.

Sometime back, I decided to give my campus pickup numbers a boost. I wanted to use this as a learning experience.

I realized that I easily get intimidated when the girl I want is in the midst of friends and colleagues. However, if she is alone in a place where people can’t listen in to our conversation, I find it extremely easy to approach her.

The natural thing for human beings to do when faced with change is to go back to their comfort zone.  Yet, in reality change is the only true constant.

The truth is, today’s comfort zone is the result of uncomfortable situations of times past. The way to grow is to face situations even when they make you uncomfortable. Over time, the situation will provide such comfort that it will become second nature.  You need to approach some new uncomfortable situations to keep growing.

Are you an attractive and dominant man? Then don’t get surprised when you find more than a few girls checking you out. Somehow, you will have to learn to deal with the attention.

Get sucked into the two of you and lock out the rest of the world. When you let the rest of the world disappear, you will find it much easier to have a sound conversation with the girl of your fantasies.

This focus has been described in some circles as “tunnel-vision”. At that moment, everything within you is focused on the girl, what both of you feel about each other and your ongoing conversation. With distractions done away with, your chances of getting the girl can be more than doubled.

Also keep in mind that even the best are rejected sometimes. If you are rejected, deal with it in a way that will reveal your inner attractiveness.

Most guys get unnecessarily offended when a girl rejects them. It does not benefit you if she realizes her rejection had a very negative effect on you. Remember, men who are attractive and dominant never seek approval from a girl to flirt with her.  To become the type of attractive and dominant man women want to date, follow the tips at

Stay strong and positive even when rejected. This attitude will certainly pay off.  Don’t get too offended that you can’t afford a smile. Smile and make it seem like a joke. No one will take it too seriously if you don’t.

So, remember: change and growth lurk in uncomfortable situations, and you need to learn to focus on the girl and lock out everything and everyone else. Counter rejection and other negative vibes with a positive frame.

Train yourself to be comfortable when girls keep throwing glances at you, and embrace being the center of attention. You are free to flirt with whichever girl you like, with or without people watching, as long as it is healthy and no one is getting hurt.