The Best Compliments To Give A Beautiful Girl Follow These 4 Rules

Man Complimenting A Beautiful GirlIdentifying the best compliments to give a beautiful girl presents its own set of challenges, as beautiful women are often accustomed to hearing positive comments about their appearance. While women want to feel desirable, most don’t like to be “hit on” in a way that makes them feel like a piece of meat.

The shades of subtlety between a flattering compliment and one that makes a woman feel objectified are quite nuanced. For this reason, you need to be selective in how you go about complimenting an attractive female if you want your words to have the desired effect.

Steer Clear Of Objectification

Compliments likely to offend an attractive woman will make her feel like an object, rather than a person. For example, if you want to compliment what a woman is wearing, saying that “you look good in that dress” makes her body the subject of your thought.

What’s the problem with this approach?

Sure, she’s smoking hot, but her body isn’t what defines her as a person. She’s more likely an intelligent, witty, funny, and interesting person who wants to be valued for more than just her looks. Fortunately, making a seemingly subtle shift in how you phrase this type of compliment can make a significant change in how she responds to you. Say instead, “that dress looks good on you,” as this makes the dress the object – not her.

While this may seem like splitting hairs, the psychological influence it has on her can be quite dramatic. Instead of viewing you as just another man who wants to undress her, she now sees a man who actually wants to get to know her better.

Avoid Sexually Charged Comments On Her Appearance

Another losing strategy men often employ is saying how “sexy” a beautiful girl looks. While this may work on some women, many find it to be extremely off-putting and offensive. Lines like “you look good enough to eat” or “you have the nicest butt I’ve ever seen” are a sure-fire way to get rejected.

When complimenting a beautiful woman, it’s far better to pick out something about her looks you genuinely like, but which does not have any sexual overtones. For instance, tell her that she has beautiful skin or that her eyes are an incredible shade of blue. These types of compliments reveal the same type of positive observations about her good looks without being sexually charged.

Move Past Looks

While focusing on her good looks can be a great way to compliment a beautiful girl if done in the right way, moving beyond her physical appearance can be even more flattering. Ask Men points out that women greatly value communication, and they often seek a higher level of connection. With this in mind, tell her that you love talking to her or that you could talk to her all night long.

These types of compliments demonstrate a real connection to her as a person. Obviously, this type of compliment doesn’t work well if you’ve just walked up to her, but if you’ve been talking to her for a few minutes, it can be tremendously flattering.

Be Sincere

When it comes to the best compliments to give a beautiful girl, these simple guidelines can make a meaningful difference. Yet, no matter what type of compliment you decide to pay an attractive woman, kind words hit home best when they’re sincere.

Don’t just say something flattering to score points. Instead, pick out something about her you would genuinely like to praise. This lends weight to your words and gives you the best chance of getting a favorable response.


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